Allied Apostates of Islam


Who we are
We are a group of new ex-muslims who have formed an alliance to speak out against religious fundamentalism, as we have found freedom from the shackles of Islam. We believe in total freedom from any kind of faith and are humanists first and foremost. Our aim is to bring our fellow apostates closer together and expose the individual experiences of muslims who are dealt unjustly by Islamic Sharia law all over the World. As the truely intelligent muslims are leaving the religion of Islam, it's time you had a voice!!

We do not support any kind of hate speech against Muslims or any other minority group of people, nor do we endorse racism in any form whatsoever. We do not consider spreading awareness about a religion as "hate". Together we can make a difference in this world, where Islamic and other religious traditions and brutality have always prevailed and have taken away the voice of the weak and defenseless human.

Although we are all ex-muslims of different ethnic origin, we welcome comments and views from everyone no matter what faith they are or any lack thereof. This is a newly established website and will be publishing testimonies of apostates and their harrowing stories of bravery, and ultimate freedom. Please understand that we do not support any other organisation or political party, we are just volunteers and individuals who are donating their spare time to this worthy cause.

We also realise that not all in Islam is doom and gloom and would also like to share the lighter side of things. Please submit any articles of your choice as humour too!

Please share your stories with us if you are an apostate or a muslim.Please do not include any personal details if the information is sensitive. Only write what you are comfortable with. Let us know a bit about yourself first, by writing to the team at:

We fight with the pen and NOT the sword!

Please don't forget to leave any comments in our "Guest Book" at the top of the page, and tell us what you think of us! Also, if you are interested in having your articles published here on a regular basis, please submit your entries to us at

Leave a lasting impression on mankind with your words...........

A tribute video to the victims of "honour killings"

We condemn the individuals who decide to end the lives of young girls and women in this tradition of restoring "honour" by acting like barbarians and savages. Please stop this and show mercy!!!!

Please view the video below: